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The Point of all this

Scotmaps needs our support. It needs cash to pay off debts. Despite winning the case, Scotmaps will not be able to claim back all of its costs as the court decides how much should be awarded regardless of how much was spent. And then there is the issue of claiming from the pursuer. There is no guarantee that any funds will be forthcoming. Scotmaps does not have the funds to raise an action against the pursuer and would only incur more debt with little likelihood of getting anything back.

Despite being innocent and adjudged so in a court of law, the odds are stacked against Sotmaps and the debts are huge. In order to proceed this far, the Bank has appointed a Factor to run the Scotmaps business with Bill Sturrock being reduced to the role of paid employee and his family home has been re-mortgaged as part of the original fund raising to fight this case.

There is no way out, unless this debt can be alleviated. In the first instance, £37,000 needs to be raised to at least secure the family home and a further £109,000 to go some way towards buying his own business back from the bank! The total costs are huge, somewhere above £400,000 at the present time, but the personal cost has been enormous.

Due to the complex nature of the current legal and financial position, loans will not help, as this will introduce third party debtors and more debt making the business insolvent leading to bankruptcy. To alleviate this position charitable donations, free of any obligations, need to be contributed to a fund to help bring this whole matter to a satisfactory conclusion. Failure at this stage could still lead to serious problems for the sport.

To this end, an appeal is being set up to help someone involved in our sport, who through no fault of his own, finds himself in an invidious position. By standing up for his rights has protected the rights and interests of us all.

If you love the sport and enjoy participating in it, please help, and please send what you can.

All donations should be sent to:

Note: Scotmaps will not benefit personally from any money raised, it will be going straight to its creditors from whom funds were obtained as part of defending the original action and the subsequent appeal.

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